Working Parties

CERIL has organised itself in various CERIL Working Parties (WPs), which deal with specific topics of restructuring and/or insolvency law. The Working Parties are comprised of Conferees that are involved in its projects, which may be assisted by Research Associates.

Currently, CERIL has the following Working Parties:

WP 1 Director's liability

Chaired by Michal Barlowski and Joeri Vananroye

WP 2 Avoidance actions

Chaired by Reinhard Bork and Catarina Serra

WP 3 Enterprise groups

Chaired by Nora Wouters and Stephan Madaus

WP 4 Consumer rights

Chaired by Annina Persson and Catarina Frade

WP 5 Post-Brexit cross-border instruments

Chaired by Francisco Garcimartin and Michael Veder

WP 6 Rights in rem

Chaired by Sarah Wolffe and Giorgio Corno

WP 7 Impairment of shareholders rights in restructuring procedures

Chaired by Stathis Potamitis and Roel Fransis

WP 8 Drafting a second edition of the CoCo Guidelines (2007)

Chaired by Paul Omar

WP 9 Code of conduct for the group coordinator

Chaired by Andreas Geroldinger and Myriam Mailly

WP 10 Quality and effectiveness of insolvency systems

Chaired by Ignacio Tirado

WP 11 Matters regarding the European Insolvency Regulation 2015 (EIR 2015)

Chaired by Bob Wessels and Stephan Madaus

WP 12 Mediation in insolvency

Chaired by Reinout Vriesendorp

WP 13 Confidentiality, secrecy, and privilege

Chaired by Bob Wessels and Ignacio Tirado

WP 14 COVID-19 and insolvency legislation

Chaired by the Executive

WP 15 Sovereign debts

Chaired by Christoph Paulus and Stathis Potamitis

WP 16 Crypto-assets

Chaired by Dominik Skauradszun and Paula Moffatt

WP 17 EEA and insolvency

Chaired by Stine D. Snertingdalen and Line Langkjaer

WP 18 Restructuring and insolvency curriculum

Chaired by Nicoleta Mirela Nastasie and Reinout Vriesendorp

WP 19 Mobility of companies facing insolvency

Chaired by Jessica Schmidt and Juana Pulgar

WP 20 Harmonisation of EU insolvency law

Chaired by Reinout Vriesendorp