WP 11 Matters regarding the European Insolvency Regulation 2015




Prof. Stephan Madaus

Prof. Bob Wessels

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Past Projects

  • Implementation of the EIR 2015 in National Procedural Rules
    This project examined six topics of the recast Regulation (which entered into force on 26 June 2017) in the national laws of Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands and pending draft legislation in Italy. It covers (i) international jurisdiction of the court, (ii) publication and registration in insolvency registers of other Member States,(iii) the relation between main and secondary insolvency proceedings, (iv) provisions related to cooperation and communication between insolvency practitioners, between courts, and between courts and insolvency practitioners,(v) national provisions required in group coordination proceedings, and (vi) remedies in group coordination proceedings.

    Reporter(s): Prof. Stephan Madaus and Prof. Em. Bob Wessels

    This project resulted in:
    - CERIL Statement 2018-1 on Insolvency Regulation (Recast) and National Procedural Rules
    - CERIL Report 2018-2 on Insolvency Regulation (Recast) and National Procedural Rules

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WP 11 Matters regarding the EIR 2015

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