The Conference on European Restructuring and Insolvency Law (CERIL) is an independent non-profit, non-partisan, self-supporting organisation of approximately 90 lawyers and other restructuring and insolvency practitioners, law professors and (insolvency) judges committed to the improvement of restructuring and insolvency laws and practices in Europe, the European Union and in its Member States.


From its inception, CERIL has been a voluntary organisation, based on the shared commitment by its conferees to collect and present their best insights. CERIL establishes a platform that allows for the exchange of ideas, in-depth discussions, often in the context of joint studies and statements of advice on technical and policy matters. In its work, CERIL employs both comparative and international approaches. CERIL may also support legislative initiatives on a European Union or national level, but also discuss fundamental principles and concepts.

CERIL organises its work primarily via topical Working Parties. The exchange of ideas and the drafting of papers takes, in principle, place electronically (e-mail, video calls and conferences). CERIL or its working parties may assemble in a place/time that seems practical, i.e. in conjunction with international meetings of other (European) institutions or organisations.

CERIL has welcomed connections and collaborations with several organisations, including UNCITRAL, the International Insolvency Institute, INSOL Europe and the European Law Institute.

Statements and Reports

​CERIL publishes regularly Statements and Reports on current topics in the field of restructuring and insolvency law. CERIL’s vision is to provide a unique independent perspective to endorse significant long-term improvements in restructuring and insolvency systems across the European Union.

Topics mentioned for further research and discussion include:

  • Improvements in the field of the Insolvency Regulation Recast
  • Furthering out-of-court and preventive restructuring
  • Security rights
  • Contracts
  • Fraudulent transactions
  • Director's duties and liability
  • Mediation in insolvency and restructuring
  • Special position for MSE's and consumers
  • Insolvency and sustainability, and
  • Simplifying cross-border communications and proceedings etc.

See further, the CERIL Working Parties.

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