To join CERIL as a Conferee is by invitation only. To secure that its conferees are leading scholars, judges, and practitioners in the field, one becomes a member (Conferee) if admitted by resolution of the Executive. A Membership Committee is advising the Executive on appointing new members of CERIL. CERIL has three membership categories: Academic Conferee, Judicial Conferee, or Ordinary Conferee (see more below). 

Conferees are active in the topical Working Parties of CERIL. It is within these Working Parties that the exchange of ideas and the drafting of Statements and Reports takes place. 

See here the current overview of CERIL Conferees:



Abbas Abbasov Academic Conferee
Stefania Bariatti Academic Conferee
Michal Barlowski Ordinary Conferee
Oleksandr Biryukov Academic Conferee
Mylène Boché-Robinet Member of the Executive
Gert-Jan Boon Secretary/Treasurer
Reinhard Bork Academic Conferee
Pavel Boulatov Ordinary Conferee
Ieva Broka Ordinary Conferee
Kathlene Burke Ordinary Conferee
Barry Cahir Ordinary Conferee
Amanda Cohen Judicial Conferee
Giorgio Corno Ordinary Conferee
Jenny Davidson Ordinary Conferee
Bart De Moor Ordinary Conferee
Rolef de Weijs Academic Conferee
Miodrag (Miki) Dordevic Judicial Conferee
Anja Droege Gagnier Ordinary Conferee
Ángel Espiniella Menéndez Academic Conferee
Juana Pulgar Ezquerra Academic Conferee
Zoltán Fabók Ordinary Conferee
Juan Ferré Ordinary Conferee
Patryk Filipiak Academic Conferee
Catarina Frade Academic Conferee
Roel Fransis Ordinary Conferee
Arthur Galea Salomone Ordinary Conferee
Jennifer Gant Academic Conferee
Jasnica Garašić Academic Conferee
Francisco Garcimartin Academic Conferee
Andreas Geroldinger Academic Conferee
Ernst Giese Ordinary Conferee
Rita Gismondi Ordinary Conferee
Bartosz Groele Ordinary Conferee
Shuai Guo Academic Conferee
Aurelio Gurrea-Martinez Academic Conferee
Annina H Persson Academic Conferee
Frank Heemann Ordinary Conferee
Ferdinand Hengst Ordinary Conferee
Tuomas Hupli Academic Conferee
Jana Julia Hübler Ordinary Conferee
Ivan Ikrényi Ordinary Conferee
Marjolaine Jakob Ordinary Conferee
Marie KT Karlsson-Tuula Academic Conferee
Ilya Kokorin Academic Conferee
Joanna Kruczalak-Jankowska Academic Conferee
Line Langkjaer Academic Conferee
Antonio Leandro Academic Conferee
Nathalie Leboucher Ordinary Conferee
Tuula Linna Academic Conferee
Irene Dr. Lynch Fannon Ordinary Conferee
Caterina Macchi Judicial Conferee
Carlos Mack-Castelletti Ordinary Conferee
Stephan Madaus Member of the Executive
Myriam Mailly Academic Conferee
Renato Mangano Academic Conferee
Miguel Martínez Muñoz Academic Conferee
Irit Mevorach Academic Conferee
Göran Millqvist Academic Conferee
Grégory M. D. Minne Ordinary Conferee
Paula Moffatt Academic Conferee
Elina Moustaira Member of the Executive
Salvija Mulevičienė Academic Conferee
Piet Neijt Judicial Conferee
Rimvydas Norkus Judicial Conferee
Nicoleta Mirela Năstasie Ordinary Conferee
Paul Omar Member of the Executive
Luciano Panzani Academic Conferee
Gabriella Pataki Ordinary Conferee
Christoph Paulus Academic Conferee
Stathis Potamitis Ordinary Conferee
Michael Quinn Judicial Conferee
David Richards Judicial Conferee
Tomáš Richter Ordinary Conferee
Patrizia Riva Academic Conferee
Rodrigo Rodriguez Academic Conferee
Alexander Rokas Academic Conferee
Omar Salah Ordinary Conferee
Ignacio Sancho Judicial Conferee
Siv Sandvik Ordinary Conferee
Jessica Schmidt Academic Conferee
Catarina Serra Judicial Conferee
Tinatin Shugarova Ordinary Conferee
Fátima Reis Silva Judicial Conferee
Dominik Skauradszun Academic Conferee
Stine D. Snertingdalen Ordinary Conferee
Petr Sprinz Ordinary Conferee
Lorenzo Stanghellini Academic Conferee
Kate Stephenson Ordinary Conferee
Emil Szczepanik Judicial Conferee
Adrian Thery Ordinary Conferee
Ignacio Tirado Vice-Chair
Joeri Vananroye Academic Conferee
Melissa Vanmeenen Academic Conferee
Michael Veder Academic Conferee
Jiří Voda Ordinary Conferee
Reinout Vriesendorp Chair
Georg Arend Wabl Ordinary Conferee
Bob Wessels Academic Conferee
Sarah Wolffe Member of the Executive
Nora Wouters Ordinary Conferee
Oleg Zaitsev Academic Conferee
Annemari Õunpuu Ordinary Conferee
Đuro M. Đurić Academic Conferee

Joining CERIL

To join CERIL as a Conferee is by invitation only. To secure that its conferees are leading scholars, judges and practitioners in the field, CERIL started with inviting the Experts on restructuring and insolvency (who have been appointed early 2016 by the European Commission to assist in drafting its harmonisation initiatives) and a selection of persons appointed by the European Law Institute to its project ‘Rescue of Business in Insolvency Law’, to become founding conferees. All invitations being accepted, this does not exclude the Executive from inviting other leading professionals in the field on a case-by-case basis.

Membership categories

A person shall become a member (Conferee) if admitted as a member by resolution of the Executive. The membership categories are Academic Conferee, Judicial Conferee and Ordinary Conferee.

  • An Academic Conferee is an individual who holds at least for 70% of its working time a position with an academic institution or otherwise mostly pursues academic activities.

  • Judicial Conferee is an individual who hold at least for 70% of its working time a position with a judicial institute, such as a court or a comparable judicial or administrative institution.

  • An Ordinary Conferee is an individual, not being an Academic Conferee of Judicial Conferee, who otherwise takes an active interest in issues regarding restructuring and insolvency law.