WP 9 Code of conduct for the Group coordinator


The Working Party aims to draft professional guidelines for group coordinators that include requirements for performance and to indicate their tasks, rights and duties in their communication and cooperation with practitioners and courts involved.


Prof. Andreas Geroldinger
Myriam Mailly

Completed Projects

  • Pros and cons of EU group coordination proceedings.
    CERIL identifies the fact that the EU ‘group coordination proceedings’ system is not used in practice, resulting in inefficient administration of insolvency proceedings relating to different companies forming part of a group of companies. The study comprised of two parts: (1) a review of relevant literature on the subject, and (2) interviews with relevant insolvency practitioners within the EU. In addition to the Statement, the reporters present an annex comprising an overview of the pros and cons of the current framework for EU group coordination proceedings.

    Reporters: Prof. Andreas Geroldinger, Dr. Myriam Mailly, Prof. Stephan Madaus and Nora Wouters

    This project resulted in:
     - CERIL Statement 2021-2 on EU group coordination proceedings

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WP 09 Code of conduct for the Group coordinator

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