WP 8 Drafting a second edition of the CoCo Guidelines (2007)


In a pioneering cooperation between CERIL and INSOL Europe, a Joint Working Group, called the CoCo2 Working Group, was set up in 2018 to coordinate work in order to review the Guidelines in light of present practice and understanding of cross-border cooperation and communication in insolvency matters. The working methodology for the CoCo2 Working Group has seen the creation of a Core Team, whose role has been to generate proposals for revision of the CoCo Guidelines and carry out consultation and feedback. The Core Team has been advised by a Review Panel, also consisting of practitioners, academics, judges and policy makers drawn from a wide constituency. Input at the comparative level has also been sought from parties outside Europe, so as to ensure the review of the CoCo Guidelines reflects global best practice. Furthermore, there is also engagement with stakeholders not otherwise represented on the CoCo2 Working Group.


Dr. Paul Omar

Current Projects

  • Drafting a second edition of the CoCo Guidelines (2007)
    On the basis of a Drafting Template conceived in early 2019, consultations took place on methodology going forward for the project. Responses from the Core Team and the Review Group led to the elaboration of a new framework, based in part on the existing text, but better mapped to the changes that have intervened in the period since the first set of Guidelines was created. Following a presentation at the Insol Europe Copenhagen conference in late 2019, discussions generated suggestions for amendments to the methodology that was the subject of a fresh consultation with CERIL Conferees.

Members part of

WP 08 Drafting a second edition of the CoCo Guidelines

Gert-Jan Boon Academic Conferee
Andreas Geroldinger Academic Conferee
Ivan Ikrényi Ordinary Conferee
Ilya Kokorin Academic Conferee
Antonio Leandro Academic Conferee
Stephan Madaus Academic Conferee
Piet Neijt Judicial Conferee
Nicoleta Mirela Năstasie Ordinary Conferee
Paul Omar Co-Chair/Academic Conferee
Luciano Panzani Academic Conferee
Emil Szczepanik Judicial Conferee