WP 13 Confidentiality, secrecy, and privilege


This Working Party examines confidentiality, secrecy, and privilege issues in insolvency proceedings for corporates and banks. It attempts to fill the gap in legislation; address the lack of clear definitions and incomplete laws, including parties’ conduct regarding providing or withholding information, and analyse cases with regard to the application of these themes in corporate insolvency and bank resolution proceedings.


Prof. Bob Wessels
Prof. Ignacio Tirado

Current Projects

  • Confidentiality, Secrecy and Privilege: The Position of Judges
    Reporters: Prof. Ignacio Tirado and Prof. Bob Wessels
    Research Associates: Dr. Shuai Guo and Ms. Defne Tasman

Completed Projects

  • Confidentiality, Secrecy and Privilege: The Position of Insolvency Practitioners
    In this Statement and Report, CERIL recognises the significance for an IP and the interests it has to take into account to have access to and availability of relevant information as a vital requirement for an efficient corporate restructuring process. With the EU Restructuring Directive (2019/1023) being silent on confidentiality, secrecy and privilege of information, this is CERIL’s second report in the series, following its Report 2022-1 on the position of insolvent debtors. This second part of the study considers the position of insolvency practitioners. CERIL firmly recognises the necessity to have the IP involved provided with all relevant business related information. This should allow those who are involved in a restructuring process (especially creditors and shareholders) to act or decide on the basis of adequate information having been made available to them as freely and rapidly as is reasonably practicable.

    Based on this central premise, in this report, CERIL has adopted seven recommendations that EU Member States may want to take into consideration when formulating or amending their preventive restructuring laws. 

    Reporters: Prof. em. Bob Wessels and Prof. Ignacio Tirado
    Research Associate: Dr. Shuai Guo

    - CERIL Statement 2023-1 on Confidentiality, Secrecy and Privilege – The Position of Insolvency Practitioners
    - CERIL Report 2023-1 on Confidentiality, Secrecy and Privilege – The Position of Insolvency Practitioners 

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WP 13 Confidentiality, secrecy and privilege

Gert-Jan Boon Academic Conferee
Pavel Boulatov Ordinary Conferee
Bartosz Groele Ordinary Conferee
Shuai Guo Academic Conferee
Frank Heemann Ordinary Conferee
Grégory M. D. Minne Ordinary Conferee
Elina Moustaira Academic Conferee
David Richards Judicial Conferee
Siv Sandvik Ordinary Conferee
Defne Tasman Research Associate
Ignacio Tirado Co-Chair/Academic Conferee
Bob Wessels Co-Chair/Academic Conferee
Sarah Wolffe Judicial Conferee