WP 5 Post-Brexit cross-border instruments


After ‘Brexit’, the EU framework (based on Art 81 EU Treaty) lost the UK as a Member State. As a consequence, the EU Insolvency Regulation (as well as Brussels I, Brussels II, Rome I and II, etc) are no longer applicable to the UK. This Working Party studies the impact this has on the cross-border restructuring and insolvency practice involving the the EU and UK.


Prof. Francisco Garcimartin
Prof. Michael Veder

Completed Projects

  • Cross-Border Restructuring and Insolvency Post-Brexit
    This project studies the relationship between the EU and the UK after Brexit in the area of restructuring and insolvency law, It seeks to formulate a position on the nature and content of a possible future instrument governing that relationship. The report focusses on the European Insolvency Regulation (EIR Recast) and how to fill the gap that will be left if, after Brexit, the EIR Recast will cease to apply as between the EU and the UK.

    Reporter(s): Prof. Francisco Garcimartin and Prof. Michael Veder
    Research Associate: Prof. Ángel Espiniella

    The project resulted in:
    - CERIL Statement 2018-2 on Cross-Border Restructuring and Insolvency Post-Brexit
    - CERIL Report 2018-2 on Cross-Border Restructuring and Insolvency Post-Brexit

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WP 05 Post-Brexit cross-border instruments

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