Restrue Talks Podcast reports CERIL Conference on Preventive Restructuring

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The latest episode of the Polish podcast ‘Restrue Talks welcomed Reinout Vriesendorp, CERIL chair, and Gert-Jan Boon, CERIL secretary. The podcast discusses developments in the field of restructuring law. In the podcast, Reinout and Gert-Jan reported on the last CERIL International Conference, which dealt with Preventive Restructuring in Europe that took place from 17-18 April 2024 in Vilnius (Lithuania).

The second CERIL International Conference marked the fifth anniversary of the Preventive Restructuring Directive 2019/1023, discussing how EU Member States have implemented this Directive, as well as whether and to what extent it has served as inspiration for non-EU European countries. In the podcast, Reinout and Gert-Jan reflect on the discussions during the conference. This section is in English and starts at 23:14.

The podcast also hosts other speakers, including Patryk Filipiak (also CERIL Conferee) reporting on the progress of the Polish implementation of the Preventive Restructuring Directive. In addition, Bartosz Groele (also CERIL Conferee) reported on the proceedings of the 64th session of the 5th Working Group of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (Unicitral) at the United Nations, which took place in May in New York. These sections are in Polish.

The full podcast is available here: Spotify and Youtube

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