Program CERIL Conference on Harmonisation of EU Insolvency Law

CERIL is delighted to present the program for the CERIL Conference on the Harmonisation of EU Insolvency Law which will take place on Thursday 20 and Friday 21 April 2023, in Leiden, the Netherlands. These interactive and informative sessions will cover a range of critical topics regarding harmonisation and provide insights on the European Commission Proposal for a Directive harmonising aspects of insolvency law.

In December 2022, the European Commission presented its long expected legislative proposal for a directive to harmonise certain aspects of insolvency law. CERIL has closely followed this EU development, and provides an in-depth and EU-wide discussion at the upcoming conference. The CERIL Conference brings together representatives of the European Commission, with leading European experts: practitioners, academics, and judges for a high-level meeting to review the Commission’s proposal. The Conference aims at examining the potential of the proposed harmonization as well as its envisaged impact on the restructuring and insolvency practice.


In six sessions, the ambit and substantive parts of the Proposal will be discussed. The conference will be opened by a keynote address by Pal Szirányi of the European Commission. The remainder of the first day will be spent reviewing what is, what is not and what should be harmonised. Furthermore, there will be discussion on the reception of the Proposal across Europe and the expectations of what harmonisation may bring.

The second day will focus on several substantive parts of the Proposal. Sessions will dive into the provisions dealing with pre-packs and MSME insolvency, but also how provisions on avoidance actions, the duty to file for insolvency and for involvement of creditors committees will impact the actors in insolvency proceedings. The second day will also review how the Proposal will impact the current restructuring and insolvency practice and will be concluded with presentation of the first copy of the lustrumbook marking CERIL's first five years as an independent European think tank.

The speakers during these days include Angel Alonso Hernandez, Jasper Berkenbosch, Mylène Boché-Robinet, Kathlene Burke, Patryk Filipiak, Jennifer Gant, Rita Gismondi, Ferdinand HengstCarlos Mack Castelletti, Stephan Madaus, Elina Moustaira, Paul Omar, Christoph Paulus, Tomáš Richter, Omar Salah, Catarina Serra, Lorenzo Stanghellini,Ignacio Tirado, Joeri Vananroye, Tom Vickers, Ondrej VondracekReinout Vriesendorp, Georg Wabl, Bas van WeertBob WesselsNora Wouters and Sarah Wolffe.

The full program is available here.

Free ticket for the CERIL Conference

CERIL is conducting a survey on the Commission’s Proposal for a Directive harmonising certain aspects of insolvency law across Europe. This is your chance to participate to the survey and be one of the 9 lucky winners of a free ticket for the CERIL Conference. The randomly selected winners will be 3 practitioners with up to five years of experience, 3 fulltime judges, and 3 fulltime academics. You can apply in a separate form when completing the survey:



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Bob Wessels Appointed as Officer in the Royal Order of Orange-Nassau

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