Conference of European Restructuring and Insolvency Law

The Conference of European Restructuring and Insolvency Law (CERIL) is an independent non-profit, non-partisan, self-supporting organisation of appr. 75 lawyers and other restructuring and insolvency practitioners, law professors and (insolvency) judges committed to the improvement of restructuring and insolvency laws and practices in the European Union and in its Member States and their operation.


CERIL’s vision is to provide a unique independent perspective to endorse significant long-term improvements in restructuring and insolvency systems across the European Union. Topics mentioned for further research and discussion have been: improvements in the field of the Insolvency Regulation Recast as well as out-of-court restructuring, security rights, contracts, employment, fraudulent transactions, director's liability, simplifying cross-border communications and proceedings etc. (see also "Projects")


It is presently organized in such way that seven conferees form the CERIL executive who takes care of CERIL's day-to-day management. The CERIL board, consisting of the executive and the chairs of the CERIL working parties, acts as a sounding platform for the executive and to give its (un)requested advice. The composition of the executive and the board may change over time; replacements will be selected by the executive from the conferees.

CERIL was founded by a group which presently forms the heart of the Executive. The founding conferees have been involved in a variety of ways in discussing and drafting national and European Union restructuring and insolvency laws or amendments to it.

Joining CERIL

To join CERIL as a conferee is by invitation only. To secure that its conferees are leading scholars, judges and practitioners in the field, CERIL started with inviting the Experts on restructuring and insolvency (who have been appointed early 2016 by the European Commission to assist in drafting its harmonisation initiatives) and a selection of persons appointed by the European Law Institute to its project ‘Rescue of Business in Insolvency Law’, to become founding conferees. All invitations being accepted, this does not exclude the executive from inviting other leading professionals in the field on a case by case decision.

For an overview of the Conferees, click here.

CERIL independent view

CERIL conferees will not take a position which may be influenced by professional obligations and relations or act on behalf of a certain interest group. Conferees acknowledge their input as both appropriate and necessary so that an independent view can be presented, based on their knowledge and experience as practitioners, judges and scholars, reflecting a wide and diverse array of national insolvency systems and legal traditions.


In its starting phase, CERIL is a voluntary organisation, based on the shared commitment by its conferees to collect and present their best insights. CERIL establishes a platform that allows for the exchange of ideas, in-depth discussions, often in the context of joint studies and statements of advice on technical and policy matters. CERIL may also support legislative initiatives on a European Union or national level, but also discuss fundamental principles and concepts. The exchange of ideas and the drafting of papers takes, in principle, place electronically (e-mail, conference calls, skype). Presently, yearly conferences (physical meetings) are not foreseen. If appropriate, CERIL or its working parties may assemble in a place/time that seems practical, i.e. in conjunction with international meetings of other (European) institutions or organisations.

Membership is currently free of charge. In a later stage, if necessary, CERIL could be organised in a (legal) form that supports the conferees and their activities at best.